Housing continues to be one of the most pressing problems facing families today. Statistics show that more than half of all rental units in the St. Louis region are occupied by people who pay more than 30% of their income toward rent. A significant number of households are in even more dire situations, paying more than 50% of their earnings towards housing costs. (Statistics courtesy of stlouisfed.org.) This can leave little or nothing for other necessities like food or medicine, leading to a multitude of problems including school and work absenteeism and health issues. HFHSL’s build program is designed to meet this need for affordable housing. It's no wonder that 1,000 families reach out every year to Habitat for Humanity Saint Louis in an attempt to rectify a very basic need... a home.

Clean, decent, and stable housing provides more than just a roof over someone's head. Statistics below (gathered in a study titled "Impact of Homeownership and Affiliate Experiences" by Elissa Baker et all) show how a stable home often becomes a catalyst for other successes and benefits for homeowners and their families.

97% Report an improvement in their family's quality of life.
92% Report feeling better about themselves since becoming a homeowner.
74% See an improvement in their family's overall health.
57% Choose to further their education.
53% Experience improved job opportunities.

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