Our Multi-Faceted Programs

Contractor/Builder - Through volunteer labor, management expertise, and tax-deductible donations of money and materials, Habitat for Humanity Saint Louis builds homes with the help of the homeowners who contribute a minimum of 350 hours through their sweat equity commitment. Houses are then sold at no profit to partner families. The sale price of a HFHSL home varies as it is dependent on various sources of soft cost funding (neighborhood expenses such as land acquisition, environmental issues, and site development). However, the initial monthly loan payment is generally $500-600.

Neighborhood Revitalizer - HFHSL believes homeownership is a cornerstone of successful families AND communities. HFHSL often sets the stage for further development. It is not uncommon for Habitat for Humanity Saint Louis to be the "trailblazer" in an area. Success is also measured when our homes appraise for values that benefit the property owners around the area - which they always do.

Recycler - In 1997, Habitat for Humanity Saint Louis became the first affiliate within the Heartland Region to open a Habitat ReStore retail facility. The ReStore's mission is to recycle overstocked, seconds, used, discontinued, and salvageable building materials donated by contractors, retail entities, and individuals. Those items are then sold to the general public with the proceeds benefitting Habitat for Humanity Saint Louis's homeownership program. ReStore customers are able to tackle residential projects at an affordable price and benefit the environment as well, since many of the donated items would otherwise end up in landfills. In 2013, HFHSL opened a second ReStore facility.

Family Support Services - In addition to building homes, Habitat for Humanity Saint Louis's goal is to "provide families a hand up, not a hand out." In preparing partner families for homeownership, HFHSL provides classes and workshops, some of which are required, others that are optional. The three required workshops are Finance, Budgeting & Credit Education; Insurance Education; and Home Maintenance. The optional workshops offered by HFHSL include Successful Parenting, Cooking & Nutrition, Self Enhancement, and How to be a Good Neighbor. Habitat for Humanity Saint Louis offers continuous support to families, assisting with many issues ranging from daycare concerns to career enhancement. The overall goal in the family support program is to give partner families ample preparation for home ownership, connect families with neighborhoods, and build better communities.

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