Where We Build

As the mission indicates, Habitat for Humanity Saint Louis builds simple, decent, and affordable housing in St. Louis City and County. To date, Habitat for Humanity Saint Louis is proud to have partnered with more than 355 families to provide simple, decent, and affordable housing. Homeownership benefits a neighborhood by encouraging stability, increasing the tax base and consumer spending, and fostering civic engagement.

Since 2008, all new Habitat for Humanity Saint Louis homes are built to LEED platinum standards. Together with our partner families, we build homes that are attractive, affordable, and eco-friendly.

In the city of St. Louis, HFHSL homes have been built in:

  • Carondelet (10 new homes, 1 rehab)
  • College Hill (8 new homes, 1 rehab)
  • Dogtown (1 rehab)
  • Forest Park Southeast (11 new homes, 1 rehab)
  • Hamilton Heights (52 new homes)
  • JeffVanderLou (104 new homes)
  • Mark Twain (25 new homes)
  • Old North St. Louis (29 new homes)
  • The Ville (14 new homes)
  • Tiffany (5 new homes)
  • Walnut Park (12 new homes, 2 rehabs)

In St. Louis County, we have built in:

  • Florissant (1 new home, 2 rehabs)
  • Hillsdale (34 new homes)
  • Meacham Park (4 new homes)
  • Spanish Lake (5 new homes)
  • University City (10 new homes)
  • Unincorporated St. Louis County (3 rehabs)
  • Wellston (28 new homes)

Habitat for Humanity Saint Louis continuously looks for new neighborhoods both in St. Louis City and County for future developments and keeps an emphasis on underserved communities which is consistent with our mission to revitalize neighborhoods. For more information regarding where we build or if you have additional questions, please contact Michael Powers at michael@habitatstl.org.

Through safe and affordable housing purchased through Habitat for Humanity Saint Louis, we can transform a community, strengthen the local economy, and ensure future generations have the opportunities they deserve.

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