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Your donation today will ensure our homebuyers have a magical holiday season! There are several ways to make a difference with our Adopt A Family program this year and hope you will consider participating in bring holiday cheer to our hard-working families.

Adopt A Family

Each year at Habitat for Humanity Saint Louis, we coordinate an Adopt A Family Program with Habitat homeowners who may be in need of extra assistance around the holiday season. This year, we are planning something a little different to spread holiday cheer. We are looking for donors to adopt a family, big or small, or adopt an individual to help make their holiday special. Your generous contributions will enable families to enjoy the holidays while maintaining financial stability to afford other necessities like groceries or healthcare.

Below is information about our three programs being offered this year.

Traditional Adopt-a-family program

The Traditional Adopt A Family Program will work as in the past few years where you notify Habitat Saint Louis’ Family Support Coordinator, Connie Goetz, with the size of family you are interested in adopting.Connie will email you the homeowners’ holiday wish list where you shop for the family and those gifts are designated for them only.
All Adopt A Family gifts must be new and delivered to Habitat Saint Louis by Tuesday, December 15, 2020.
If it would make it less stressful for your group, we can extend the due date, or even pick the gifts up from your location. It is our hope with supplying a “wish list” you will have a better understanding of what the individual or family needs and likes are. Please use the wish list as a guideline for sizes, colors, items preferred, or surprise them with something you feel is unique and amazing!

family gift baskets

Family Gift Baskets include shopping from a Target gift registry link. Collectively, those donated items will go into our makeshift “Holiday Workshop” where the Family Services Team will create a family gift basket of goodies for Habitat Saint Louis families. If you are comfortable with in-store shopping please email connie@habitatstl.org and she will send you a list of suggested gifts for our “Adopt-A-Family Gift Baskets.” Examples of gifts are games, art supplies, puzzles, family games, toys, gift cards, and small items for the family.
Click here to view our Target Gift Registry.
All donated gifts must be new and delivered to Habitat Saint Louis by Tuesday, December 15, 2019.

direct donation

We understand that holidays are a busy time, so leave the shopping to us! You can make a direct donation to our Adopt A Family fund below. Be sure to designate your gift as “Adopt A Family” when making your contribution. Your donation will support our Adopt A Family Gift Basket program.

If you would like to participate in any of these programs and have any questions, please contact Family Support Coordinator, Connie Goetz, at connie@habitatstl.org or 314-371-0400 ext 624.

Thank you for helping Habitat Saint Louis’ families during the holiday season! Your generosity makes a difference.


Your donation to Habitat Saint Louis’ Adopt A Family will ensure our homebuyers and their families have the best holiday season this year! We appreciate the support and know they do too.