Carla Reid is a social service professional and entrepreneur. She has served in various capacities within the social services field within the past 19 years and has a wealth of knowledge and experience working with low-income families and underserved communities. From her beginning career as a caseworker with the State of MO to homeless services to financial coach, Carla has seen a lot.  She currently works as a Resident Services Coordinator at Operation Pathways.

Carla found her love for Entrepreneurship in 2011 and started her first business. Elevated Men’s Salon was a response to her belief that men in her community were valuable and lacked true investment. She believed that if black men were supported and empowered our families, neighborhoods, and communities would improve. She partnered with community agencies bringing awareness to men in the areas of entrepreneurship, health, finances and community engagement.

Her second business, Empowering Our Peers LLC, was started in 2017. Carla’s goal is to provide relationship-based, client-directed and goal focused financial coaching to low-income families. Carla believes that her clients can reach any financial goal they set for themselves whether it be better budgeting, an excellent credit score, or homeownership, and her job is to support them in that journey.

When Carla is not working with her clients she enjoys traveling, spending time with her family and working with her neighborhood organization.

Carla’s firsthand experiences have taught her that exploring interest is imperative to finding your path in life. She believes that we all can reach the goals we desire; our paths may be different, and some of our roads may be bumpier than others but with the right coaching and support all things are possible.

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