Linda has been in the civil engineering industry for over 30 years, working her way up from a designer to a regional manager to a company owner. In her career, she gained experience in engineering design and construction, staff management, budgeting, resource management, government processes and funding, quality management, training, conflict resolution, risk management, hiring and performance management, meeting facilitation, public engagement, and team building. She received her Bachelor of Science degree in Civil Engineering from the University of Missouri-Columbia in 1984. She is also a Registered Professional Engineer in Missouri (1989), Illinois, Virginia, Ohio, Oklahoma, Iowa, Indiana, Texas, Georgia, a LEED Accredited Professional Building Design+Construction, and a Professional Traffic Operations Engineer (PTOE)

Linda has been a reliable Board Member for several organizations, making organizational meetings and events a priority, preparing for meetings, making annual financial investments and bringing positive ideas and helpful collaboration to the Board. Linda’s experience will be helpful in strategic planning, policy development, budgeting and broadening the organization’s network of support and public profile. She is inspired by the very generous and dedicated not-for-profit

community in St. Louis and looks forward to new opportunities to serve.

Linda is a Missouri native whose parents and grandparents lived in the Old North St. Louis neighborhood. Linda’s family lived in Florissant (40+ years), Jefferson City (4 years) and she now resides in Ballwin with her husband of 30+ years. Linda’s son and daughter both live and work in the St. Louis region.

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