What To Expect

Here's What A Newly Accepted Buyer Can Expect...

Although it may not be an easy process, your payoff will be your very own home!

  1. The Family agrees to perform a minimum of 350 "Sweat Equity" hours to qualify for a Habitat house. Sweat Equity hours support and foster the efforts of Habitat to provide decent, affordable housing for low-income families. Sweat Equity hours may be earned as follows:
    • To be eligible to qualify for a Habitat house, families must demonstrate their ability to partner with Habitat by performing a minimum of 25 hours of Sweat Equity. This must be completed in order to be assigned to an address.
    • Families must complete all required 350 hours of Sweat Equity to close on and move into the house.
    • In addition to the 25 hours mentioned above, each signer is required to be in attendance and working in some capacity on the construction site from set up through clean up each build day. Exceptions can be made by Habitat at its sole and absolute discretion.
    • Up to 90 hours of the 350 may be fulfilled by the Signer(s) through self-improvement and community involvement methods. Work must be approved by Habitat before beginning. A Signer is any family member who will be signing the deed, promissory note, and other documents to buy the house (hereinafter "Signer").
    • Families are required to attend educational programs sponsored by the Family Support Committee during their first year in the program. Three Sweat Equity hours will be granted per Family per class attended.
  2. Construction related work authorized under this agreement must be assigned, coordinated, supervised, and approved by the Construction Supervisor acting on behalf of Habitat.
  3. Once the Family has signed this Work Partnership Agreement and has been assigned an address and Sponsor, Sweat Equity work shall occur on a consistent basis during the construction period. Most Sweat Equity work is done on Saturday. If a family is not fulfilling its obligation by being present to work on time and following through with work assigned, the Family's application may be terminated. The Family must continue to be present and working until the construction of the house is complete and dedication occurs.
  4. Construction work performed under this agreement is limited to persons aged 16 years and older and in accordance with the guidelines established by Habitat. In general, persons ages 16 through 18 can work in a construction area but only in situations that do not involve undue risks and hazard to the worker or others present. A parent or other responsible adult must supervise this work.
  5. Habitat will make every effort to provide meaningful non-construction Sweat Equity work for those wishing to participate in the program but unable to perform construction work. This includes family members under age but in the event supervision by a parent or other responsible adult is required. While such work will be counted toward the total requirement of this Agreement, Habitat cannot guarantee that availability of non-construction work. Non-construction work will be assigned and approved by the Construction Supervisor or a designated representative of Habitat.
  6. Families are encouraged to contribute 100 hours of service each year after completing the Agreement in support and furtherance of the work of Habitat for Humanity.
  7. The Work Partnership Record form will be used as the means for recording and tabulating work hours. The Construction Supervisor is responsible for approving all entries to this form and determining final approval of Sweat Equity hours performed each workday.
  8. Work performed under this agreement is expected to be of reasonable quality and to the benefit of the total work of Habitat. Work not meeting Habitat's reasonable quality standards will not be counted toward the fulfillment of this agreement.
  9. Should the Family become disqualified, all work performed by or on behalf of the Family will be considered a donation to Habitat for Humanity Saint Louis. The Signer(s) and Family herein release Habitat from any claim for compensation as a result of such work.
  10. This agreement binds Habitat to assign, authorize, coordinate, supervise, and record approved labor.
  11. Habitat for Humanity Saint Louis maintains the right to raise the rent and move towards eviction of given signer and family should the Sweat Equity agreement not be fulfilled.
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