Meet Our Homebuyers

This is the reason why we do what we do: our homebuyers. Click on the links above to read their stories!

Below are unedited letters from families who have worked hard and been rewarded with homes of their own. They take joy in the work and pride in the homes that they helped build with the aid of many volunteers. They say it best...How A Home Can Change Your Life!

Special Thanks

I would like to take the time to express our sincerest gratitude to the entire Habitat staff, THANK YOU. This home is going to make all the difference in the world to my family and me. The classes that were made mandatory for us to attend has become apart of my everyday life as I continue to raise my children. When I thought the classes were going to be a waste of my time, I realize I wasn't as smart as I thought I was. It takes a lot to raise a family and maintain a home. I know there will be other obstacles I will face, but because of the classes held and participating in actually building my home we are better prepared to face those. We truly, truly, truly appreciate all of the knowledge, wisdom, understanding, patience and most of all the love that every person associated with Habitat poured out to my family during this process. We are forever grateful for being included in the Habitat family.

Love SH

Gratitude from our Youth

Hello, my name is CK. I am 14 years old and in 9th grade. I want to thank Habitat and CitiMortgage Group for helping me and my Mom build our house. I think it is so nice of people to come together and help us. Thank you all. We are very happy.

I am very happy we got a chance to help build on our house. Working with my Mom on site was both fun and scary, but I worked through it. Every nail I hammered into place made me feel stronger; working toward a goal is a good thing. I really learned a lot from this experience. My eyes fill with tears when I think about how special we felt knowing one day what we're building will be the house we live in.

How can I put it all in words?

Working on our house was scary but my Mom and I worked hard to complete every task. Working on this project helped me and my Mom get closer, now I understand how hard it is for her to work everyday and pay all the bills. When I think about all she's done I feel so proud. I wish I was a better writer so I could describe how much this house means to my family-we are so happy. I once overheard my mother talking about finally giving me and my brothers a home to grow up in and how getting the keys to the house felt like Christmas. I realize I am only 14 years old, but I know when big things happen and this is one of the biggest.

Now when I go to school and write a paper about what I did on summer vacation, I can tell them I spent my summer building my house. Me and Mom helped work on our house. The other kids will talk about going to Disney Land and Six Flags and for the first time I won't be jealous. I will have my paper ready to tell all. I will talk about cutting and carrying siding, the smell of the new wood and all the smoke that flew around when using electric saws. I can talk about how proud I felt every time I got to hammer in a nail. I can tell them about putting in the hardwood floors, even though it was not easy. And how my mom kept saying, don't worry it will all pay off.

I felt like somebody out there really cared about us and gave us the best present ever. They gave us a chance.

Love CK

Gods Blessings

I had no idea how to begin this letter so I'll start with THANK YOU in every language possible. I knew that one day I would be writing a letter like this I just didn't know to who or when. I have always wanted my own home and to experience the joy of getting one. I never imagined I would get much much more. Habitat has been a true blessing in my family's life. Words spoken from the mouth, words written on paper could never express the joy in our hearts. As I write this letter my hands are sweating and I feel a little flushed just thinking about the day I was asked have you tried calling Habitat for Humanity and all we've experience with them. I've gone through some good and not so good moments, but I would not change one thing! My family is so lucky to have had the opportunity to help build our own home. We are so thankful for the people we meet, the skills we learned and the work we did. I would not have wanted to purchase a house any other way. It is with much joy to let Habitat know that we are grateful to be recipients of this miracle. My family and I feel like we have been truly touched my angels. I hope the Habitat staff has some idea of what you have done for my family and others; it feels as though GOD is working directly through each and every one of you. May God continue to bless this organization and the people that work with it!


The simple fact is that, when people reach out to help others, they change lives. And when they help a family achieve the dream of owning a home, they cause a change that is truly profound.

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