Although it may not be an easy process, your payoff will be your very own home!

  1. The Family agrees to perform a minimum of 350 “Sweat Equity” hours to qualify for a Habitat Saint Louis house.
  2. Once the Family has signed this Work Partnership Agreement and has been selected an address, Sweat Equity work shall occur on a consistent basis.
  3. Families are encouraged to contribute 100 hours of service each year after completing the Agreement in support and furtherance of the work of Habitat for Humanity Saint Louis.
  4. Work performed under this agreement is expected to be of reasonable quality and to the benefit of the total work of Habitat Saint Louis. Work not meeting Habitat’s reasonable quality standards will not be counted toward the fulfillment of this agreement.
  5. Should the Family become disqualified, all work performed by or on behalf of the Family will be considered a donation to Habitat for Humanity Saint Louis. The Signer(s) and Family herein release Habitat from any claim for compensation as a result of such work.