Please note that the following information is meant to serve as a general guide for donors. Acceptable items are subject to change. Legal restrictions and limited storage capacity prevent the acceptance of some items.

Note: We are unable to do repairs or refurbish items, so all items must be fully functioning. Our donation retrieval team will assess contributions in the field, and reserve the right to decline donations, either in part or entirety, if they determine the items fail to meet guidelines upon inspection.

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  • Must be clean and in 100% working condition
  • Must have all knobs, trays, burners, shelves, etc.
  • No rust or missing pieces, knobs, or handles
  • Refrigerators, stoves, washers, dryers, microwaves, BBQs are acceptable but no hand-held appliances, please
  • All other appliances must be 10 years old or newer


  • Framed artwork is accepted on a case by case basis


  • Sinks must be clean, in reusable condition with no cracks, rust yellowing or chipping
  • Vanity cabinets must have no water damage, rot or mold and must be fully assembled with all doors, drawers attached. Do not dismantle cabinets prior to donation, please!
  • Vanity sinks are accepted with matching cabinet base, cured marble included
  • Only low flush (1.6 gallon or less) toliets; toilets must include tank lid and be clean
  • Only new plumbing supplies; faucets included
  • Jetted tubs must be in 100% working order and with all parts and pieces
  • Framed medicine cabinets
  • Shower bases, shower stalls and bathroom hardware
  • We will not accept double vanities, cast iron sinks, shower doors, hanging toilets, unframed mirror/glass medicine cabinets.

Cabinets / Countertops

  • Must be free of rot, mold or water damage and in usable condition
  • Must have 5 or more matching cabinets
  • Only complete cabinets with all doors and drawers
  • We do not accept cabinet doors or drawers by themselves
  • We will not accept dismantled cabinets.
  • No countertops longer than 10 feet

Carpet / Linoleum

  • Only new carpet and carpet padding will be accepted; no small remnants; must be 12′ or shorter to qualify for ReStore pickup


  • New, unopened and indate chemicals such as contact cement, gout, joint compound, mineral spirits are accepted on a case-by-case bases
  • No toxic, hazardous chemicals will be accepted


  • Acrylic, ceramic, formica, granite, laminate and marble/cultured marble countertops
  • Straight, regular pieces only—no angled, odd “L” and “U” shaped pieces, please
  • No bathroom countertops longer than 5′ and no kitchen pieces longer than 10′
  • Stone counterstops must be light enough for two people to move


  • Good condition, free of all damage
  • Must not have rot, cracks, or separating
  • Whole doors only; no glass or screen by themselves
  • Frames accepted only with pre-hung matching door; no solo frames
  • Non-paneled doors are not accepted
  • No commercial, accordion, mirror or slab non-paneled doors


  • Full or half sheets only
  • No water damage or broken corners

Electrical Fixtures

  • Light fixtures must be 100% working condition
  • We accept new electrical parts, lights, wire, outlets, switches and hardware
  • Must be clean and rust-free
  • LED, halogen and incandescent light bulbs
  • No fluorescent lights or shop light fixture or bulbs


  • Construction, garden and loose chain link fencing must be rolled and roped/taped
  • Clean, individual vinyl vencing
  • New wooden fence
  • Wrought iron and chain link must be rust free


  • Fireplace tools
  • Full screens
  • Inserts and mantles
  • Must be free or rust, nails and screws


  • Hardwood flooring, linoleum squares, parquet and vinyl squares must be new and in box quantity
  • Only new rolls of linoleum and vinyl rolls will be accepted; no small quantities or loose flooring is accepted


  • A photo is required for approval of any upholstered furniture. Photos may be sent to
  • We do not accept mattresses or box springs.
  • Furniture should be less than 20 years in age.
  • Antique, vintage, or collectible items are subject to approval on an individual basis.
  • Must be free of rips, tears, holes, or any damage caused by water, animals, or nature.
  • Acceptable office furniture includes chairs and file cabinets.
  • We do not accept cubicles or metal desks.


  • We accept hardware for doors, cabinets, etc.
  • Must be in good condition and rust-free
  • Tools must be in good, usable condition with all required parts needed for full function

Kitchen and Bath

  • Must be clean, in usable condition, and no cracks or rust
  • Toilets must include a tank top, tank and bowl.
  • Only low flush (1.5 or 1.6 gallon) toilets accepted
  • No shower doors
  • No cast iron tubs, unless clawfoot
  • No rust near or around drain holes, not yellowed or chipped
  • Faucets must be within 6 years old
  • Vanity sinks only accepted with base cabinet
  • Frameless mirrors are not accepted

Lumber / Plywood / Siding / Trim

  • Must be 4 feet or longer
  • Must be free of rot, nails, and screws
  • Accept full and 1/2 sheets of plywood


  • Shingles must be in complete packages
  • Metal roofing in full lengths if possible


  • Accept vinyl and ceramic tile, unused
  • Tile must be in quantities of 25 sq. ft. or more of the same product
  • No broken, cracked or chipped pieces


  • No single pane windows
  • No cracked or missing window panes
  • No window sashes accepted