We're still committed to building safe, affordable housing in St. Louis.

Dear Habitat Saint Louis friends,

The last time I sat down to write a letter to you, we lived in a very different world – so much has changed in just a few short months. But one thing that has not changed is Habitat for Humanity Saint Louis’ commitment to building affordable homes, permanent homes for families in need.

As never before, we understand the fundamental importance of having a home where our families can safely seek shelter in the storm. I’ve witnessed time and time again how buying a first home is a major first step toward greater economic stability for low-income families who work just as hard as anyone – the only difference is that they work in low-paying fields such as social work, home healthcare, and teaching, just to name a few.

Having a sturdy and affordable place to raise a family is one of the key factors in the economic trajectory of a family over generations. With your help, we can provide that opportunity to even more people who just need someone to give them a chance to succeed.

A couple of weeks ago, two very generous anonymous individuals approached me and pledged $40,000 to match all donations made by friends like you from July 20th through August 31st! I don’t need to tell you what this money could mean to the prospective homebuyers waiting patiently for their turn to purchase their first home from Habitat for Humanity Saint Louis. Won’t you help us make the most of this opportunity?

When you make your gift from now through August 31st, it will be matched dollar for dollar by our anonymous grantors. Every gift from $10 – $1,000 can make a difference in helping us take full advantage of this match. Truly anything you give makes a big difference!

We know we are living in uncertain times, and I know that money is tight for a lot of us. Please only give as you are able – and know that your gift will change the lives of low-income, hardworking people right here in our community who simply want the chance to raise their families in a healthy environment. Together, we have the opportunity to raise $80,000 for affordable homes, right here in St. Louis!

Please remember to give your gift directly to our local office in St. Louis if you want your gift to be eligible for the matching grant funds. When you give a gift to our local office, 100% of your gift stays right here, improving lives for people in our own community!

I am deeply grateful to our two anonymous benefactors who have made this challenge grant possible. I am also deeply grateful to you for any contribution you can share to help us make the most of this funding opportunity. On behalf of all of the families who look forward to a new life in their Habitat Saint Louis homes, I wish you peace, safety and – most of all – health as we continue to work together to create a better world for us all.

In Partnership,

Kimberly McKinney, CEO Habitat for Humanity Saint Louis

P. S. – Don’t forget – for your gift to stay entirely in St. Louis and to be eligible for our matching grant funds, you must make your contribution directly to our office in St. Louis. Thank you for your generosity!

With your support and generosity, you can make an impact on families in our shared community. If you’d like to donate via phone, please contact our office at 314-371-0400 and we will assist you. Thank you for support!