Freezing temperatures and unpredictable winter weather can be an underprepared home’s worst nightmare.  For many City homeowners, making their home winter ready can be unaffordable.  That’s why Habitat for Humanity Saint Louis is offering no-cost services— small repairs and adjustments— to improve energy efficiency and reduce the risk of major damage, including water line ruptures.

Winter Weatherization Services may include the following:

Filling gaps around windows & doors.

Replacing furnace filters.

Testing smoke & carbon monoxide detectors.

Winter-proofing outside faucets.

Switching ceiling fan direction.

Each applicant household must meet all of Habitat’s homeowner requirements:

  1. Be an owner-occupant within the City of St. Louis.
  2. Have a demonstrated need for winter weatherization services.
  3. Household gross income must be within the following guidelines:

Please leave a VOICEMAIL or send a TEXT MESSAGE to 314-400-0022 with your NAME, ADDRESS, and PHONE NUMBER, and we will contact you with more information.