Father Teaches Values to Sons

Lamarr V., and his two boys, Tyre (9 years old) and Jamarr (7 years old), feel overly blessed to be in partnership with Habitat for Humanity Saint Louis. The boys can’t wait to move into a home they can call their own and Lamarr is enjoying working on the build site and the process of becoming a homeowner.

At seven months old, Lamarr was adopted and raised by his aunt, who he loves unconditionally. Lamarr has been employed as a Respiratory Equipment Technician at a local hospital for 10 years. His grandfather began teaching him how to mow lawns at a very early age and he has been at it ever since – now he owns a landscaping business!

Between work and tending to his business on the summer weekends, it became a challenge to spend quality time with his sons. So just as his grandfather introduced him to the landscaping business, he has done the same with his boys. They get to spend time together and at the same time, his boys learn new skills at the family business. Lamarr loves to take the boys fishing and teach them how to grill food, and do pretty much anything that helps him bond with his boys. Lamarr says it feels great to instill the same values in his boys that were instilled in him by his aunt and grandfather.

Welcome to our family Lamarr, Tyre, and Jamarr!