Give STL Day 2015!

A Midnight to Midnight Giving Event on May 5! 

Give STL Day is a 24-hour, online giving event in order to grow philanthropy in the St. Louis metropolitan area and bring awareness to nonprofits like Habitat for Humanity Saint Louis.

The minimum donation is $10 and there is no maximum. Prize money will be made available throughout the day to amplify donations – woo-hoo! For twenty minutes starting at 6AM, 10AM, 12PM, 6PM, and 11PM, every donation will receive a partial match from a pool of $20,000.

The $20,000 will be split against all donations, up to $500, made during that time. This will allow each donation to receive some matching funds. Based on last year’s numbers, it would have equaled $.13 per dollar donated. For example, from 6:00-6:20am, if you donate $100, an extra $13.00 would be added to your gift to increase the support you have given Habitat STL! Once the day is over, we will find out what share of the $20,000 we will receive.

More than 750 nonprofits will be participating so we need your support!

Habitat STL’s goal is simple: to raise more money than we did last year in order to increase our impact in the community. We intend to continue our work in partnering with families to break the cycle of poverty and build a financially secure future.

So join the movement and support us by donating to Habitat STL on May 5th! With your help (and competitive spirit!) we can raise more than last year’s total of $3,019.

On May 5, go to and make a donation to Habitat STL. Your gift will help a family break the cycle of poverty and build a financially secure future!

Thank you!!