Habitat Saint Louis Introduces New Director of Construction

Habitat for Humanity Saint Louis is proud to announce a new Director of Construction, Joshua Smith, to our team. Joshua comes to Habitat Saint Louis after founding, owning, and operating his own construction and rehabilitation company, SmithCO. Contracting & Consulting which opened in 2017. Joshua has worked as a laborer, tradesman, and project manager in residential and commercial construction for over seven years before he started his own company. A graduate of Rhodes College, Joshua exhibited such passion for environmental studies, urban planning, and infrastructure which grew into his graduate thesis and ultimately his Bachelor of Arts degree. Joshua now channels his passion for efficient and sustainable building practices into the construction of new and rehabbed homes for Habitat Sain Louis homebuyers.

“Everything seems to have fallen in place just right. Led by God’s hand exactly where I needed to be. For me, the most attractive part of Habitat for Humanity is its localized humanitarian mission and unique construction program. I look forward to building homes with the community, for the community,” said Joshua when coming to work at Habitat Saint Louis.

“We are excited to welcome Josh as Director of Construction, the position requires a unique skill set, flexibility, and background that we believe he brings to the role,” said Kimberly McKinney, Habitat for Humanity Saint Louis Chief Executive Officer.

Welcome, Joshua! Habitat for Humanity Saint Louis is happy to have you on our team!