Tips on Keeping Your Home Cool This Summer

We all know it was only a matter of time before the extreme heat found its way to the Midwest. Soaring temperatures and scorching weather are not uncommon in St. Louis but don’t fret. We gathered some tips to help you keep your home cool this summer—and they don’t involve cranking your AC.

  • Keep your blinds closed. Yes, it’s tempting to let in that natural light, but almost 30% of unwanted heat comes from your windows. This is especially essential for windows facing south and west. Blackout curtains can help prevent unwanted heat from creeping in.
  • Set ceiling fans to rotate counter-clockwise. Yes, fans need to be adjusted depending on the seasons. Setting your fan to rotate counter-clockwise at a high speed will create a better breeze.
  • Use exhaust fans when possible. Exhaust fans do a great job pulling hot air that often rises from showers and cooking. Use your exhaust fan to help eliminate the heat and humidity.
  • Change your lightbulbs. Swap out your incandescent lightbulbs and replace them with LEDs. LEDs do generate heat but are more cost-effective since they use less energy. A win-win for your pockets and the environment!
  • Avoid using the oven. Why you may think it’s impossible to not use your oven during extreme heat, there are other options. Fire up the grill, use a slow cooker or prepare meals that do not need much cooking time.
  • Caulk drafty windows and doors. A little caulking here and there can make all the difference when trying to keep your home cool. Seal holes, cracks, and drafty doors where air escapes. Insulation may also help if cracks are large and deep.