Together, we’re sowing seeds of change!

Every foundation poured on a new Habitat Saint Louis house is cause for great celebration: it’s the beginning of a whole new life for the family who will work hard for the opportunity to make it into a place they can call Home.

Purchasing a home through Habitat for Humanity Saint Louis empowers a family to take charge of their lives. It is a first step…a seed of change which creates greater economic and social well being.  It is a stable and affordable haven where a family can put down roots and grow stronger every day.

Right now, our community is in an affordable housing crisis. While other cities like Detroit and Minneapolis are seeing their rental housing prices even out, Saint Louis is in the midst of a real-estate boon. That’s great if you’re a homeowner or a landlord…but if you’re a renter, it’s a big hit in the wallet. And if you’re a low-income working family, that extra money paid in rent means other things fall to the wayside: healthcare, car repairs, savings…just putting fresh produce on the table for your children can become challenging if not impossible.

Great things happen when you invest in affordable housing with Habitat Saint Louis. Your gift today means that a family in need can plant seeds of hope for a brighter future. Whether your gift is enough to fund a box of nails or sod for an entire back yard, your contribution will give a family space to grow and thrive. Thank you for helping more people

Thank you for being a good friend to Habitat Saint Louis’ families…and thank you for your gift today to help more people know what it’s like to own a home of their very own. Enjoy the beautiful spring weather!